Dating a colt anaconda

Find colt anaconda 44 for sale at gunbrokercom, the world's largest gun auction site you can buy colt anaconda 44 with confidence from thousands of sellers who list every day. I have a anaconda and was wondering if anyone can help me figure out the production date the serial number is mm716xx. Colt anaconda 4' 44 magnum seldom fired for sale by jadamgrdsguns on gunsamerica - 981938556. Looking to trade my nice 6 inch colt anaconda with box and papers for a 4 inch model anaconda or colt python plus cash on my end action double / single action.

6358 colt anaconda 44 mage 6 inch barrel, stainless, adjustable rear sight, all original, colt gripsorange ramp front site for sale online. Single action conversion conversion the mini anaconda mag-na-port's newest snubnose is built using a factory six or eight inch colt anaconda this. The colt anaconda is a stainless steel, 6-shot, 44 magnum revolver colt used a frame that was based on (but larger than) that of the python. Legacy edition 1 of 1000 colt anaconda 8 in black pearl titanium revolver & box we will purchase or consign single items or entire collections.

Colt anaconda44 magnum double-action revolver when older-design revolvers such as colt single action armys and ruger blackhawks were re-engineered with drop. I'm told that some of the early model colt anacondas had really bad barrels i'm buying one on gunbroker and the seller doesnt know the date of manufacture but he gave me the serial number mm01597 while for some dumb-ass reason i cant find any info on-line about colt anaconda serial numbers, ive seen some folks posted a few with their dates of. Browse a huge inventory of colt firearms for sale at cabela's, including the legendary colt 45, other colt pistols, colt revolvers, colt rifles and more.

If they get any hotter, they’ll be on fire” is the way one colt collector put it after being asked what he thought about the current colt “snake-gun” marketplace colt’s family of seven deadly serpents include the python, diamondback, cobra, anaconda, king cobra, boa and viper there. Colt anaconda with hogue grips - 45 colt the colt anaconda is used by the following actors in the following release date project igi: i'm going in: anaconda :. The 45 colt anaconda is the one and many can be expressed in a single word there were not a whole lot of colt anaconda revolvers made in the 45 colt. Big score anaconda the colt anaconda is a great do these snug bollits you shoot through the anaconda cut lead at the cylinder like the old single actions.

Colt was very late to the modern, double-action 44 magnum game and then really only stuck around for a little while only after both smith & wesson and ruger had become well established in that market did colt even enter the game with its single offering—the colt anaconda revolver. It has a great single action, the double action may be a little longer than the smith i have colt python or anaconda, colt python ou anaconda,. Does anyone know what date of manufacture is for a colt anaconda from the serial number i can't find any info on this anywhere one site says that. In a world of plastic striker fired pistols a revolver will not save colt as a mass market gunmaker to survive in their present from they need mass market products like an m&p line.

Dating a colt anaconda

Colt anaconda not firing every 5 to 10 shots first i have a colt anaconda revolver in 44 mag join date feb 2008. Only single action revolvers on the colt website: does colt still make the anaconda, does colt still make the python, is the colt anaconda still made,. New and used colt pistols and revolvers for sale single action(45 colt,22 lr) colt handgun - anaconda, 44 mag, 6 inch barrel.

Used, in good condition with factory grips & holster ruger super blackhawk single-action revolver 0814, 44 remington mag, 4 5/8 in, rosewood grip. Python model : year: serial number: 1955: 1: 1956: 300: 1957: 1650: 1958: 5550: 1959: 7050: 1960: 9100: 1961: 13100: 1962: 18800: 1963: 24800: 1964: 30800: 1965: 41400: 1966: 50500: 1967: 61000: 1968.

Images of an engraved pair if colts: an anaconda and a python engraved by gerry beathard of beathardengravingcom. Featured gun: the seven serpents of colt diamondback and anaconda ruger single six reblue. [img] the colt anaconda colt's biggest snake built by colt mfg from 1991 to 1999, the colt anaconda has earned a reputation as one of the most.

Dating a colt anaconda
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